Google Drive is updating file locations

Patrick Devaney


Cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive make it easier than ever before to work from anywhere, but they also offer protection against cybersecurity issues like ransomware. The more you keep on your cloud storage drive, the less you have to rely on that single hard drive that is stuck in a single location. Looking at Google Drive, there are some shortcomings, however, when compared to using say, File Explorer on Windows 11. A new update is attempting to address one of the functional issues, so let’s go through it now.

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As it has become cheaper and cheaper to have faster and bigger hard drives and hold larger and drives in the cloud, we have ended up with more and more files saved on them. Many of these files have similar-sounding names, which means when we go to retrieve them, we can end up confused as to which is which. This is particularly the case if you use Google Drive’s Search function to do so. This new update will help us deal with that confusion by adding file locations to all files.

Google Drive is updating file locations

The new Google Drive feature works by showing up the location of a file when you hover over it. This means when you have searched for a file using its name you won’t have to right-click on every result to check its location until you find the one you are looking for. All you will have to do is simply move down one by one until you see the location where you remember that the file you are looking for is stored.

This feature is rolling out to all Google Workspace users now and will be turned out automatically for all users. Google expects it to be available for all users by the end of the month.

This might only seem like a small update, but it adds to a number of updates Google has been adding to Google Workspace over recent weeks. These have included improved collaboration features and AI-powered productivity upgrades. All these little features, and more, together will add up to significantly boost Google Workspace’s offering as Google attempts to muscle in on Microsoft 365’s dominance of the productivity suite market.

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