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  • Free 15GB storage
  • Works well with Google Suite and third-party apps
  • Handles documents and videos

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  • Can Google Drive be Hacked?

    Google Drive employs a security system known as SSL encryption. This is a highly reliable method of sending and receiving information. As the developers are constantly checking for issues, the chances of an account being hacked are minimal.
  • How Trustworthy is Google Drive?

    This software bundle is one of the most well-known packages on the market today. It is associated with the same levels of trustworthiness that are associated with Google itself. There should be few issues in regards to reliability or transparency.
  • Does Google Drive Have any Storage Limits?

    Users can enjoy up to 15 gigabytes of free storage space within Google Drive. However, please note that this space also includes any information contained within a Google email account. Up to one terabyte of storage can be obtained by registering for a paid account.
  • Can Google Drive be Accessed Offline?

    It is possible to view files even if there is no Internet connection available. The user will first need to sign into Chrome. He or she will then choose the option to "Sync Google Docs, Sheets and Drawings". These can then be accessed without needing to be connected to the Internet.
  • Does Google Drive Work with Mobile Devices?

    Users will be pleased to learn that this cloud storage system is able to work in combination with mobile devices. This bundle can be downloaded for both iOS and Android operating systems. The UI is the same regardless of which OS is utilised, so this cloud storage system is rather universal in nature.
  • Is Google Drive Free?

    The basic version of Google Drive is free to install. However, those who are looking for more storage space can choose to become involved with a number of paid subscription plans.
  • Can I Share Files with Google Drive?

    One of the benefits associated with this program is that users can share files with anyone even if the recipient does not have Google Drive installed. The process is streamlined and there should be few issues in regards to opening any files that were shared.
  • Is Personal Information Collected?

    This program will collect personal information on occasion with the sole intention of streamlining the experience of the end user. Social media details, browsing interests and personal contacts are a handful of examples. Please read the terms and conditions to learn more.
  • What Browsers Support this Cloud Storage System?

    Many browsers can work together with Drive. These include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Safari (for Mac devices). Please note that additional variants may function and yet, the user might not be able to access all of the features associated with Drive.
  • What is the Minimum OS Requirements Associated with Drive?

    Mac users will need at least Lion 10.7 in order to access the features offered by Drive. This software is able to work with Windows 7 and later systems (including Windows 10). Please note that there is no version of Google Drive that is able to work with Linux operating systems.


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