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Cathy Buggs
Cathy BuggsUpdated 3 months ago

Free cloud storage

Google Drive is a tool for keeping your documents together in an organized way. It uses cloud storage, which means you can access your files from different devices. You can sync and upload files from your desktop and manage them in this application. The tool can also be used to share and collaborate on documents.

Access your files offline

Google Drive is one of the most popular storage tools to sync documents across devices. It can be accessed in two ways from your Windows PC. The first way is through your browser, which will display your files and allow you to view and rearrange them. The Google Drive app, which is called Backup and Sync, allows you to manage the files in Google Drive and on your PC.

Using the desktop app you can choose to back up selected files from your PC. Alternatively, you can choose to backup your whole computer. It is possible to include content from a USB drive and other external sources when backing up. These files do not remain as a static snapshot and are updated when you make changes.

Files don’t just move from your PC to your cloud storage. You can also access your files from Google Drive by syncing them to your computer ou can sync selected folders to your desktop, this means you can access those documents offline. You can set up which files you would like to sync when you first launch the application. You can also change these settings through the preferences menu.

Choose what to sync

When viewing your files on Google Drive, anything that has come from your PC is labeled in a specific folder, so it is easy to find your documents. Other computers that you use will have their own folders. You can store several file types in Google Drive; these include documents, photos, and videos.

It is important to note the distinction between backing up your whole PC and creating a restore point for data recovery. Google Drive stores your documents but cannot be used to fix or restore your operating system. Instead, it keeps your documents safe in separate storage.

Storage from you Google account

Accessing Google Drive is done through your Google account. You receive 15GB of storage for free with your account, and the Drive app uses this storage. This can quickly fill up if you are storing large files, or using it with many different apps. For more storage, you can upgrade to Google One, which has a number of monthly subscriptions available, although there aren’t many smaller options.

One of the main advantages of Google Drive is that it works well with other applications. You can use it with Google Docs, and the other programs in the Google suite. There are many other third-party apps that you can connect with Drive to enhance its capabilities. This integration allows you to edit your photos, design graphical content, convert files, and much more.

More than one way to be on the cloud

There are similar applications that have some of the same features as Google Drive. They could suit your needs if you need additional storage, or they may coordinate in a better way with the services you are already using. Here are some alternatives that give you storage or syncing options.

One useful storage and synchronization tool is Dropbox. This application gives you 2GB of free storage. It works within your My Documents folder, which means adding files is incredibly straightforward. It can be used to collaborate and share with friends and colleagues, but you may find uploads are slow.

For those that are more comfortable with Microsoft products and are looking for considerably more storage OneDrive is a viable option. It provides up to 25GB of free storage online, and you can select which folders you want to sync. As well as integrating well with Office365, it gives you remote access to your PC from another PC using a code.

When it comes to sharing documents between your smartphone or tablet and your PC, there are different services that will suit you. For iPhone users, it may make sense to use iCloud. On your PC it can be used to keep your photos, calendars, and emails up to date. Many of these processes happen automatically. It also acts as storage for documents. You receive 5GB of space for free, and you can upgrade with a paid subscription.

A neat way to keep and access files


Google Drive is very easy to use and comes with a good amount of storage for free. The Windows application to sync files lets you set your preferences to have whatever you want moving between your PC and your Google Drive storage. Once documents are stored there, you can share them, collaborate with others, and edit and create new things using third-party applications.

The latest version of Google Drive Backup and Sync includes some bug fixes and performance improvements to the overall system.

This program is Windows 11 compatible.

6 Key Features for Enhanced Productivity and Security at Google Drive:

Did you know some nifty features can make your life even easier? Check out these six awesome tips to get the most out of your Google Drive experience:

  1. Google Workspace BFFs: Google Drive plays nice with Gmail, Calendar, Meet, and Chat, so you can collaborate like a pro across all these apps.
  2. OCR Magic: Snap a pic of text or scan a document, and Google Drive's Optical Character Recognition will turn it into an editable file. How cool is that?
  3. Time Travel with File Versions: Oops, made a mistake? No worries! Google Drive has your back with its file version history. Just go back in time and restore an earlier version.
  4. Off-the-Grid Access: Internet gone AWOL? Don't stress! You can still work on your files by making them available offline.
  5. Search Like a Boss: Find that elusive file in no time with Google Drive's powerful search. Just use filters like file type, owner, or keywords, and you're good to go!
  6. Security Superpowers: Keep your files safe and sound with encryption and, for an extra layer of protection, turn on two-factor authentication.

So, go ahead and give these tips a try to make your Google Drive even more awesome.


  • Free 15GB storage
  • Works well with Google Suite and third-party apps
  • Handles documents and videos
  • Easy to select files and folders to sync


  • Paid storage subscriptions aren’t flexible

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Google Drive for Desktop for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 66.0
  • 3.8

  • Security Status

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  • Edward Beede

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    ease of use and performance are excellent. it has been running seamlessly on my system.

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    yes i do, it's a good , a nice one at that, just wow.. Mr Zeal..

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    very nice, i can share from my work and my home its very usable for office .

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    it's so cool I love using it all the time. it helps me with a lot of things

  • Shishir Subba

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    The best, safest, and dependable..
    The best to store files and photos in web. I have been using it since few years. The files are always safe, n More


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